DAY 275

The way I walk through the world now

While I was editing some takes of my fruit salad, the caption of this photo was coming continually to my mind. Mixing some strawberries, kiwi fruits, melon, apple and nectarines with a splash of lemon juice might seem something ordinary, and it really is, but somehow is also the most perfect or typical example of all the things that I have changed in my life along the latest years

I´m not going to explain the whys and hows of these changes, or the before and after (I´ve been talking about all this in a very little-systematic way along 275 posts), but I will say what this photo makes me feel comparing to what I used to feel, and maybe, you will understand what are the causes that made a simple bowl of cut fruits turned into something unique

I feel that now  I am

responsible for my life, not delegating to others

aware of my needs, not self-destructive

free, no longer tied down by old conditionings

careful with myself, not neglectful

focused on what really matters, not concerned by things of little value or importance

strong and secure, not surrounded by fear and anxiety

allied with my own vision and my purpose, not unable to find my way

true to my memories, not lost on my story

grateful, not trapped on my self-demanding attitudes

vibrant, not dull or invisible

healthy, not tired or insane

relaxed, less obsessive

joyful not resentful or inhibiting my true wishes

tolerant, not so harsh and disapproving

happy with my gifts, not wanting more

right here, right now

...and  not wanting to be in any other place


Danielle said...

Love.Love.Love. this post!! This is so my journey over the past year...but I do not have the words like you do...very well said...and congratulations on your journey of discovery.

Mom of A and a said...

"I feel I am now responsible for my own life"

Love that! And, that is one lovely bowl of fruit salad!

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