DAY 269

today: apricots and book

It´s not easy to publish a photo per day to illustrate a post when you´re not a professional photographer, you have an hectic life (this means a demanding work, tons of concerns, house, husband, kitties, family, friends, countless hobbies) and you also want to have a significant personal journey, do your inner work, feel charming, smart and even, fit...

This get worse when you want to publish something at least minimally interesting and appealing every single day. Even when I can be behind with my posts (time is short!), I take photos daily  and write down my ideas about captures or any other thing as they come up along the day. However, 
they are not totally planned in advance: quite often a random photo inspires a post, sometimes I take a photo with an idea in mind and I can also find an unexpected connection between a photo and an idea while I am editing it 

But some days I don´t feel inspired. It seems there is nothing that deserves to be written or captured... all seems to be dull, ordinary, repeated, and I have the feeling that everything around me (and inside me) lacks interest or sparkle. Those, my friends, are the best days, maybe because they force me to go beyond my vision, my expectations, my preconceived ideas about beauty and interestingness, my perfectionism, my fears, the way I perceive myself, my need of approval, my insecurities and they challenge me to say something that has not to be brilliant or clever, just real

Being real is not our main ability, because being real can involve feeling exposed, silly, sentimental, confused, hurt, childlike, redundant, raw, sharp, merciful, funny, compassionate, unbalanced... and whatever you could be feeling in a given moment, you name it

Being real is being able even to assume that we are feigning when we are doing such thing

Being real is frightening, yet liberating (and something that we usually don´t do on purpose)

So, those days when our well-known and handy opinions, our habitual recipes and our nicley buily speeches seem to be meaningless are great days because they make us to explore new territories. We will not have compass or maps, but thanks goodness, everydayness will come to the rescue and will trigger new musings

...and also some ramblings

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Sandra said...

I love the apricots in the bowl. Are you taking daily photos and writing a journal as a self imposed exercise? How does it make you feel? May your day be serene and lovely.

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