DAY 257

and there he was

Back home

carrying sadness, tiredness, feeling fragile and vulnerable, hopeful and proud, nostalgic and happy

looking for a good rest, wanting to chat and longing for silence at the same time, wanting to socialize and to stay alone, wishing to share and to keep your sentiments for yourself

needing meditation and a big hug, expecting the well known routines and missing so much what you have left behind

wanting to be loved but feeling more reserved and introverted than ever because you feel your heart displaced

dealing with a emotions that puzzle you and feeling guilty because you cannot be easier

knowing that the first day a turmoil of contradictory sentiments is going to devastate any glimpse of normality and even so, being sure that this is the place where you belong

Back home carrying this burden is not easy

But you can be lucky enough to find there a person who is generous enough to open his arms regardless your mood, kind enough to respect your needs, gentle enough to take care of you, compassionate enough to understand you, good enough to love you as you are and wise enough to give you the time you need to be present again

I am that lucky person, he is that gentle person

what else can I say...


Susan said...

ah, everyone should be so lucky. What beautiful words.

Introverted Art said...

beautiful words... sometimes all we need is a hug.

Christian said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I can relate to your beautiful words!

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