DAY 220

often a real sense of peace comes from the simplest acts

We usually think that we have to do lots of inner work, mindset preparation, meditation and things like these to achieve peace or any other characteristic commonly related to personal fulfillment. Indeed, those things work very well, but we can also learn to create peace using not so complex materials

This demands a certain dose of naivety, and we have to be able to deliberately reject sophisticated behaviors and intricate knowledge... but it is possible

In a sense, this means being natural and unaffected (spiritual development is far away from conceit and arrogance) but mainly it means that we have to focus on what we have at hand

We can create peace from our everyday experiences, interweaving homely moments, plain feelings, our most ingenuous musings; our secret ramblings, ordinary events, unexpected finds and so on

Doing such thing we will create a beautiful fabric that will appease our mind... and if we have peace in our mind, there is to be peace in our hearts and if we have peace in our hearts, there is to be peace in our lives

here: flower arragements using fallen flowers that I found along my walk

this or that thursday: peacefully


Danelle said...


Barb said...

This is a very calming photo!

Stasha said...

Very, very pretty!

Introverted Art said...

Thank you for your words. Doesn't always seem that it is a lot easier to complicate things than to simplify them? I am one of those people who think there has to be so much involved in order to achieve piece. But like you said all it takes is the shedding of our arrogance...

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