DAY 204

play mate

Sometimes -actually, I should say many times- I have the feeling that I could be more playful and spontaneous

As a child who grew too fast, I have not many personal references about this issue, so I´ve had to create ways to translate these qualities into adulthood since I realized that I needed those childlike traits as a way to improve my flexibility and open-mindedness

These are some of them:

I invite smiles and optimism to my life. I practice a more positive -and more relaxed- attitude and try to laugh a lot

I promote my own creativity. I use it not only as a hobby, but to approach unexpected fields

I cultivate curiosity. I let it leads me to unexpected places

I see things (and use them) in new ways. I try new options and uncommon responses

I keep a sensory way of living. I am aware of external world through my senses and not only through my mind

I play more and am less severe. I engage in activities not for a practical purpose and I try to have fun every time I can

This has brought happiness and joy in my life, maybe because this has made me discover that I can live with ease, savor the moment and create balance and this is a priceless gift

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Cute pussy cat picture. Cats are playful and can teach us the art of playfulness!

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