DAY 178

things that make spring so delightful

The sense of resurgence that pervade every new day

The silky light which comes softly into the house

The emerging life that keeps on chasing death no matter what happens around

The scented air which brings back memories of lost times

The continuous sound produced by birds, insects and the blooming buds

The changeable weather that makes days much more interesting

The gentle breeze which challenges us to go outside

The white fluffy clouds that create fleeting shadows

The ephemeral flowering that last only a brief time   

The subtle yet intricate design of every new flower which opens its petals to enjoy sun rays

The new shades of colors which move beauty to another level

...The pure feeling of awakening


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Well said. I love springtime! Hope. Beginnings. Peace to you, kath

Kim Stevens said...

Beautiful, and such a beautiful description of Spring as well!

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