DAY 173


There are many ways of living inside a rewarding relationship with the divine... even one which is related to sensations and senses. However, many persons think that this mundane and sensorial experiences move us away from this relationship and make us less spiritual

Of course, when we start a spiritual journey, we start to heal our life and this, obviously, have effects on the way we eat. This can have an ethic dimension and depends on values or beliefs and also a pragmatic one which is linked to the nature of the food itself and mainly to the consequences of its use.

So some meals, foods and savors are not considered acceptable in some circles. The limits of this particular scale are extremely changeable and the reason why some foods can be part of it are sometimes not clear and, I am afraid, it is due to some short-lived crazes and market needs

Chocolate represent this tendency. It is considered to be little healthy due to its own composition and highly related to a low mood and this make us to be alert to dependency and dysfunctions of our behavior. But,of course, it comes out of the list from time to time…

Even when I truly believe that spirituality and wellness come together, I don´t think we should link a more conscious way of living to the banning of some foods. To tell you the truth, I don´t think conscience and prohibitions fit well but I truly believe in balance. As far I can see, we should choose our foods according to our own experiences, knowledge, convictions and needs but not according to random choices or personal whims of other people

This could involve changes and the twist of some old habits; use of traditional ingredients and recipes in a new way; but also, learning,  the search for new information about  more beneficial varieties of our favorite food. That´s entirely up to us, but if we embed conscious intention and love into food and make decisions about our diet from this perspective we can´t get it wrong

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