DAY 171

practicing patience II

As far as I am concerned, patience has to do with our ability to focus on life as it is and, therefore, is also about staying present and giving things mindful attention. These are things that help me to cultivate it:

I make “unproductive” activities, in particular I spend time in nature and I observe how nature takes its time to complete its own cycles

I am learning to slow down, this is making easier to appreciate and honor the present moment… the moment where life occurs

I devote myself to creative projects (like this blog), and I let them grow without rushing them. I enjoy watching how they evolve, the process, instead of being eager to finish them

I am learning to give other persons (either my students, my husband, or my relatives and friends) space to unfold creatively, following their thoughts and feelings and making things their way.

I try not to criticize or reprimand them sharply when they are wrong or simply, are doing things in a different way than me. This is quite difficult as I am prone to rebuke, but I say to myself, this is not the way I would do this, so what?

I live with two cats. Pets are great patience trainers (like children), not only because they put our tolerance to the test, but because they show us how to be truly unresentful and benevolent

I take photographs, and lately I am thinking about deliberate compositions which demands certain light and I don´t move forward too fast

Last, but not least, when I am doing any of these things and I notice that I am becoming impatience, I ask to myself: what´s the hurry? and remember that patience allows me to seize the present moment

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Patience often requires conscious effort on my part, especially if I am not healthy... With my students, I have to breathe and smile more, to remind myself that I must forever be patient. Aah...not always easy. A practice...! Best to you this week.

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