DAY 140


We don´t appreciate all the amazing wonders around us. At least, I have the feeling that I don´t usually do it as much as I should

I was busy preparing my lunch, and when I was cutting up some veggies into pieces to make a ratatouille, suddenly, I was stunned by the perfect beauty of this zucchini.

I paid attention to the print of its skin which was a job worthy of the better artist and to its harmonious design whose delicacy and mastery are undeniable, and then I realized that after feeding my soul, it would provide a delicate savor to my meal and also lots of vitamin A, C and potassium...

Later on, while I was eating my ratatouille, which I served with rice and a fried egg, I saw the white and green pieces (I left the skin in place) and I remembered the previous tiny epiphany. So I gave thanks for that sudden moment of great revelation -that will live forever thanks to my camera-, for the precious zucchini which made my day and I blessed my food which tasted just delicious

After doing it, I noticed how long have I been without pausing before meal to give thanks for the good things in my life and on my table, something that my mother taught me so long ago... and I understood that this simple squash was meant to remind me something extraordinary
: when I say a blessing before my meal, I acknowledge the presence of the entire universe supporting my existence (as the Buddhist peoples say)

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