DAY 139

this is life

a great tiredness that enclose a new dawn of energy

doubts that open new paths

gifts hidden in common places

a declining beauty that proves to be more beautiful than exultant beauty

pain that helps us to bow down to our destiny

shocking contradictions that make our days more appealing

a vulnerability that can be powerful

disappointments that reveal us our true wishes


a complete and paradoxical trust

unexpected rifts that involve the appearance of an amazing joy

odd playmates that force us to be the better version of ourselves

failures that bring us back to our purpose

tenacious hope that makes us get out of the bed once and again

a sudden distress that disclose our emotional landscape

a stunning passion that can be compassionate

a certain decrepitude that makes us braver

changes that are blessings


displeasures that temper our strictness

incidental situations that redirect the reason for our existence

miraculous light, challenging shadows

obstinate wisdom and intrepid happiness, walking hand in hand

the unafraid acceptance of simplicity

a tiny felicity that comes from nowhere

a long, narrow crack

the ravages of time


the sweet pulsate of love

a state of spiritual blessedness that captures us when less expected

the tireless exercise of keep on walking come rain or come shine

day after day, step by step

... life after life


Sam said...

i love how you took life's challenges in this post & viewed them in a positive aspect of what they can bring to your life...just lovely, Zena!

Sam said...

p.s. the photo is AMAZING!

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