DAY 135

what is your spirit wishing for?
This time the Wishcasting Wednesday question couldn´t come in a better moment. These weeks I´ve been feeling that I need a complete renewal in order to update my inner energy, restore balance, prioritize and make a real room for the things I love, because, till now, I´ve been cramming them into a overburdened timetable, often creating confusion and anxiety

I feel that I have to rearrange my everyday life to comprise those wishes because even when I am making true efforts to pay attention to my inner voice and to stay true to it, this is having a strong emotional effect on my life and, from time to time, I feel overwhelmed

But, of course, previous to this I have to clarify what those wishes really are 

Generally speaking my spirit is wishing for spreading its wings to fly away. And specifically, my spirit is wishing for clarity, truth and authenticity, 

 for aperture and fresh air,

 for fulfillment and serenity

My spirit is wishing for lightness to move fast,

 for time to develop its own purpose and ways to do it nicely and wisely

My spirit is wishing for more meaningful tasks and more visibility,

 for miracles and kindred spirits 

My spirit is wishing for keeping on evolving and living life at its own pace 


Sam said...

I have also felt that I haven't been making the time for the things I love ~ here's to more time for nurturing our spirit!

As you wish for yourself, Zena, I so wish for you! xx

(p.s. an AMAZING photo of the butterfly!!)

Cassandra said...

May your spirit grow wings and wishes coming true!

Lynne Wilson said...

Beautifully said Zena...as you wish for yourself so I wish for you!

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