DAY 133

the gift

Today´s my husband´s birthday. As I am still ill, I haven´t been able to prepare a celebration. He has understood it, but this has made me feel useless and incompetent and all day long I´ve been feeling irritable and touchy and guilty (I know...)

At the end, I´ve realized that my attitude was making the situation worse because he didn´t want nothing but seeing me happy and tranquil. So I decided to give him the only gift he is asking for: a moment of peace

To tell you the truth, I had to search my inner background to find the calm but late in the evening, I stopped complaining and I let him prepare his own birthday dinner

I was wearing my pajamas and had not a beautifully wrapped gift with a lovely card, we had not guest, and we had not a birthday cake, either... just a few snacks and a bottle of good red wine

I drank a toast to him, my husband smiled and said he didn´t need anything else (how generous is this!) and I thought that this birthday was as good as any other 
one, something that seemed inconceivable only a few hours ago
 Life can be sweet, my friends... if we only could let go our preconceived ideas about how it should be...

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