DAY 115

feeling good

Day was being long, cold and filled with laborious tasks which are not very motivating: my new students don´t seem to be very interested in educational planning because they are too young to understand what it really involves (it can be understandable, I know) and I have to make my best to make it a bit more appealing (this is part of my work once again, I know)... but at the end of the day I always feel exhausted

On the way home I stopped a minute at the tiny grocery around the corner to buy something and unexpectedly I came into a world of color completely different from the grey outer atmosphere. The owner had brought together lots of veggies in a few shelves, there were only a sample of each one, but it was precisely their concentration, and variety,  what made the image so impressive

And suddenly my dejection was dispelled: mushrooms and pumpkin, 
oranges and celery,  garlic and cauliflowers, apples and sweet potato, leeks and coriander, red peppers and bay leaf, carrots and ginger,  pears and thyme, tomatoes and mango were living together and seemed to be at peace with themselves and other... they look like so vibrant, fresh, clean and happy that I   couldn´t help smiling and beginning to feel better 

I didn´t have the camera with me, but I brought home these beautiful gems to remember this moment. Curiously enough, once I enjoyed  their color and aroma, I started to make up with my day

You may think a simple strawberry cannot change your mood... but I wouldn´t be so sure: according to my recent experience, they are a true medicine

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