DAY 86

brand-new gaze

Being back to my childhood home is a pleasure at this time of my life. Not only because now I have the chance to play the caregiver role, which is very rewarding, once you start to flow with the right mood, that is, a gentle, compassionate and relaxed mood, that makes easier to enjoy the moment. But also, because now that my mother has started this part of her journey, most of our traditional dynamics -no matter if they were nice or less functional- have broken up and this has been for our own good, because it has created room for new -and much more enriching- experiences

So now when I stay at my mom´s house I can feel linked to my past without anger

I can understand why our lives have evolved as they did

I can appreciate beautiful traditions and revisit forgotten memories

I can look at our shared experiences with new eyes and many things that have been there for years and before didn´t mean nothing to me, now tell me a whole story

I can feel my roots but also I can spread the wings that I have developed along these years

I can feel connected and also free and alive and totally in peace with this specific moment

No matter if my mother is ageing,  because only now I am able to truly appreciate how precious she is, her inner and outer beauty and her kindness.

Somehow is like this china piece which belonged to my grandmother, it has been around all my life, but only today I awoke to its uniqueness and exquisiteness 

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