DAY 79

life is a maze into which we wander...

a complicated maze that demands wit, faith, strenght, confidence, wisdom and good play mates. The sort of play mates who offers gentle support, genuine smiles and helping hands

Without kindred companions, this labyrinthine experience, would be frustrating and we would run the risk of getting lost in the worse side of our existence, but with them, it becomes much more appealing and lovable... maybe because they are like mirrors that reflects back to us the best things of this life: the wonders of generosity, kindness, sincerity, and faithfulness

... and also the best side of ourselves 

Everytime I meet my best friends -even when it happens from time to time due to our hectic lives- I realize how much they help me to keep on walking my path. These two ladies always give me new reasons to seek for a more concious life and countless tangible and intangible gifts

Today we had lunch together and again we shared a beautiful and magical time

here: some of the charming and delightful presents I´ve received from them today

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