DAY 78


This month I´m preparing for the coming year. Some say this year will set the beginning of a new era. I have the feeling that this will definitely be a year to think about our usual way of life and move forward to a new sense of austerity and simplicity. As every previous year, I´m expecting lots of inner and outer changes, the difference now is that even when I still find this a bit intimidating, I also know that this can be excellent for me as I am in a process of personal transformation...

Every new year is an amazing opportunity for experience how our personal destiny can be in alignment with our wishes if we stay in touch with our inner self. If we do so, we will look for goals, intents or purposes throughout this year that will help us to fulfill our mission which is deeply related to the need to infuse soul into our human existence

This has to do with the conquer of light and the dispelling of darkness... with the chance for creating a clear space where we can live our daily life in a spiritual manner. And it is not about success (understood as the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status), but about peace. It is not about control (understood as the power to influence the course of events), but about the ability to flow

In order to promote this sort of alignment I am doing a few things (no necessarily in this order):

I am renovating my home´s altar which will be dedicated to this year

I am musing on what I want 2012 to be or more specifically, on how I want to respond to 2012 and what I want to learn in 2012... this year will be eventually what it is meant to be, so it´s more effective to work on my own responses, reactions and potential learning

I am clearing out the space, I am convinced that this activates new energy. This involves not only clutter clearing but also moving things around and a little redecoration

And last, but not least,  I am working on my vision board for this year because this is a great way to organize my thoughts about it... although this will be a work in process along the whole year

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