DAY 75

ageing beautifully

we age beautifully when we make an effort to become wiser every passing day

when we take gentle care of our body and we keep our dignity along with our wrinkles at the same time

when we learn to listen to our heart and how to keep a listening heart

when we don´t despise our past pretending being another person and we fully accept our life as a whole

when we look for things that keep our mind alive and our soul awake

when we understand that we have to stay focused on the important dimensions of life and on the purpose for which we have been born

when we integrate suffering and joyfulness without feeling neither nostalgia nor bitterness

when we trust our life even when we are not quite sure about its meaning

when we realize that regardless how tiny our gifts may seem to be, they make the world better

when we stop grasping for something more, and we embrace our destiny

when we turn this simple "Yes!" into the beginning of contemplation so we can see life fresh once again

when we aware to the brief gift of time and we don't need to hold a grudge anymore

when we decide to be true to ourselves

when we feel at home being in our own bodies... in our own life

in other words, when we accept that beauty doesn´t depend on age but on the light inside

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