DAY 29

wit and inventiveness

I stop many times everyday and I marvel at all the clever objects that I find along my way...

They are tiny and simple object yet quite ingenious, that are result of the work of many generations which have improved them till their current form. They make me wonder how have them evolved, what was their origin and quite often make me look for their history

The whole series of past events connected to something is most of the times amazingly interesting and tells an unknown chronicle that is permeated with past challenges, struggles and achievements

If we investigate the past of a rather simple and everyday object (for example, a little box of incense), we will discover that we are just the last link in a great, awesome, chain

This gives us a humble view of our own importance but also, a pleasant sense of membership. And quite often we feel that we have to honor, preserve and improve this cultural heritage because, someway, it encloses the secret of being human

here: japanese incense, my favorite incense ever. I love it not only because its wonderful smells, but also due to its exquisite packing

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