DAY 541

leap of faith

And suddenly my heart did what I thought was not possible.

I am not sure how or why this exactly happened,
how or why it overcame the gap between what I wanted and what I was able to do,
between what my soul was whispering and what my mind was ordering,
between prejudices and what I knew to be true,
between disillusion and hope.

But it did it. It opened its wings and took the sky without prior notice.

It left its place, the little room of my chest without hesitation,
it chose to fly and opted for believing,
for realizing an old yearn which was telling it that there was something bigger, better.

And by doing that, it broke my limited mind frames,
my shields and my bonds,
my links to what I was giving for granted.

Only to find out that my skepticism was indeed, lack of love,
lack of love disguised as arrogance and need of being perfect.

My skepticism was indeed fear,
fear of trusting my life, myself,
fear of showing my vulnerability.

My scepticism was indeed resistance, even when every single cell of my body was longing for surrendering.

I was not brave enough, you know, but my heart was.

How or why it managed to raise itself and shake my world, I don´t know. But it did it.

And by doing that, it stirred up a new passion for life,
it created a new sense of self
and changed completely the way I deal with my time here.

At this moment I am living in this place named now just because my little, tireless, heart lifted the veil which was preventing me of seeing and loving what is.

Could I be more lucky?


Jeanne said...

What a wonderful shot that goes so perfectly with what you have said!

Juli (from V&V) said...

Oh, what sweetness you have captured here of heart find its wings. Beautiful image, beautiful words. Breathtaking moment, here, now. xo

Aga Gasiniak said...

your post is a pure universal magic! Beautiful photo and beautiful words from a wise heart. Enjoy your holiday!

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