DAY 513

this week I am celebrating the PRESENT MOMENT

This precise (precious) moment, and I am not doing it because it is flawless or magnificent, but because is the one and only I have.

This uncertain, fragile moment, which is trembling with expectation, shaking my consciousness with its own two hands while shouting me: awake, awake! I am as fleeting as a soap-bubble!.

And indeed, it is evanescent, but guess what?, life is made of this transitory moments, one after another. They come to meet us and in a twinkling of an eye they are gone. We don´t know when they will stop, but we certainly know that we 
only can truly live the current one. 

So today, I am determined to celebrate this present moment, not because it is rewarding or important or because it fulfills any requirement, just because it is in this moment where (and when) my life occurs.

 In this precise moment (despite its brevity) I am having my share of pain, confusion, and I am fighting a few battles; I am dealing with some chaos and exerting myself to distinguish between what is about me and what is about others; I am also feeling  some joy,  some peace…  and much more

In fact, everything can happen in this tiny interval. It can be a time for ordinary things or sacred glimpses... who knows?. The whole experience of the existence is condensed here and now and I can live it all, I can embrace the whole essence of life in this single moment. Why shouldn´t I celebrate it?

Why would I want to regret the past or keep wondering about the future?. The past has gone, the future is yet to arrive, so the only thing I must do -I can do- is living what I have to live.

This is all I have, thus today I praise the transient moments that allow me to experience what is and the miracle of being here…

right here, right now.


Nonnie said...

such truth in your words, yet it seems hard for me to appreciate each moment as it is lived.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful awareness of time and present. Thank you for sharing it. You are creating such a beautiful world around you: moments, photographs, words, yourself. Thank you for sharing your whole beauty with us!

Cathy H. said...

I certainly could use this reminder more often. Two years ago my One Little Word was Moments and it really helped me slow down and be present in whatever situation I was in!

Susan said...

Right here, right now...the best place to be!

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