DAY 365+126

blooming in the rain

It´s difficult to believe that in this precise moment we have everything we need to be satisfied with our lives but I am learning that it can be possible.

 To be honest, being in agreement with what is has never been the strongest point of my personality. On the contrary, I always want more, I always want to achieve better things, improve myself and mend my life but even so (or maybe because this has been a heavy burden on me), I am starting to realize that regardless of what happens there is nothing that can prevent me from feeling joyful if I want to.

In fact, I have the power to accept and feel they joy. 

I can look around and observe my share of pain, problems, frustrations and decide to accept and feel the joy. 

I can look around and observe my unaccomplished wishes, my not so dreamy existence, my wounds that are barely starting to heal and decide to accept and feel the joy.

I can look at me and observe my incessant self-demanding attitude, my anger, my ups and downs and decide to accept and feel the joy. 

And I can expand my vision and get to the financial crisis, the political corruption, poverty, injustice, abuse, suffering... the end of life and decide to accept and feel the joy.

The joy that is inside me and tells me that I can enjoy this life of mine, that this adventure is amazingly good, interesting, inspiring and is making me (you) bloom beautifully. 

When I listen to it I feel that I have all the contentment that I could need, the pure delight of being part of this, of being here crying, laughing, dancing, sleeping, praying, walking, thinking, touching, being aware of being...

inevitably alive


Julie Jordan Scott said...

The flower is so beautiful - it looks almost like a flower on the top of a cake. So amazing.

I love your words, too. Great thoughts. So happy about art every day month & meeting all these great people.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful post this is, and this flower is just gorgeous.

Aga Gasiniak said...

The power to accept and feel the joy- how beautiful and how important is to choose joy. I can only say about myself that I do try every day to choose joy and it is every day practice but it works and it helps :) lovely and delicate photo and there is so much life on it with delicate but still vibrant colours. Beautiful image. Big hugs and much love to you, Zena. till next time :)

Jeanne said...

This is something that i struggle with every day with my personality. While I am doing everythhing i can to enjoy what IS, my mind also , at the same time wants to rush forward and plan what WILL BE. such an ongoing struggle it is. Love your post!

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