DAY 365+98

this is the place where I belong

Volcanic rocks, hard lightaridity, loneliness, bare beauty
lack of ornaments...
just the vast sea of lava.

Here and there a green spot reminds how the life reveals itself in other places
but not here, not here.
Life here is made of salt, wind and sand
no trees, no big mountains, no rivers
no shades...
just a merciless sun
ridges and curves
and, far away, the ocean. 

After a quarter of century or more
I am walking here again:
the wind blows
and the sun is setting
my feets remember how to jump from one rock to another
my eyes get loss in the hues of black
my heart makes a little dance
and I breathe deeply, once and again.

I remember how naive I still was the last time I walked about this solidified magma
and realize that the naivety and the old joy of vivre
the hope and the confidence
are still with me and are awakening while I contemplate my old friend, the volcano
and feel how the old pain starts to be the propelling force that will lead me to an even better place.

Why we need to stay away from some places when we feel injured, I don´t know.
Why we distance ourselves from the places (or activities) that have nourished us previously, I don´t know.
Why we punish ourselves when other person does the same, I don´t know.
Why it takes us so much time to start to take care of ourselves, I don´t know.

This doesn´t even matter, maybe. Here I am again and I feel welcome.

I took this photo in the volcano which is in front of my mom´s house. I decided to go there for a photo-walk and invited my nephew without thinking very much... and suddenly all these feelings emerged.

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Kristen @ Creative Iphoneography said...

Love the texture of the volcanic rock. Your photos and words are lovely. Found you through Creative Every Day!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful and true feelings, Zena. Thank you for sharing. sending you much, much love

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