DAY 365+78

me and the birds

I went to the park the other day, still thinking about events of past week, trying to keep on slowing down my mind and recovering peace 

The afternoon was cloudy and the predicted rain seemed to be delayed, the park was lonely and quiet:

paths looked like no one had never ever walked through them,

trees were having sweet conversations by shaking their leaves,

bloomed flowers were trembling and rustling while opening their core to observers,

the wind was sighing subtlely and the world seemed to get around on tiptoe

But birds were flapping their wings, pecking about. They were twittering like there was not tomorrow:

defying silence

singing their joy

dancing their little dances

celebrating their tiny epiphanies

without paying attention to weather forecast, omitting past resentments

Life looks so perfect today, I said to myself. And then, I rectified and said, Life is perfect now, because indeed it was. And suddenly, this acknowledgement gained importance, made sense, and dealing with the hard stuff in my work seemed much easier to me

Life can be not that that perfect every day and we don´t have to feign such thing, we just have to stay with it a big longer every time. This is the training we need to appreciate the sweet moments that everydayness always brings and to be able to recognize (and enjoy!) the perfect days which come to meet us

If we persist in doing that, when those moments and days will arrive we ´ll not waste our time having regrets, longing for what we have had and we have lost or dreaming of the bright days to come, on the contrary:

we´ll be able to sing our joy,

dance our little dances

and celebrate our tiny epiphanies


Introverted Art said...

'defying silence, singing their joy..." maybe we should follow suit.

Maryse said...

Practice, practice, practice. :)
"Everything is transient; everything is precious; be here, now." It's a Buddhist phrase I came across yesterday.

Irene @ In A Different Place said...

Beautiful... A wonderful lesson on looking into the brighter side and appreciating the small things in life. :-)

Nina said...

Your words are music to min mind & soul ... Just breathing in and out - slowly - appreciating this moment, as it is unfolding - being just perfect, as it is!
Beautiful & filled with peaceful serenity ... Have a lovely Sunday,

Marcie said...

Isn't it amazing the clarity that comes from embracing that present moment? The beauty and perfection of 'now'??? Wonderful post!

Jeanne said...

Nature is such a healer, and always has some important lessons for us! Love your photo of the solitary bird enjoying the moment!

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