DAY 365+74

life is fragile and unpredictable 
and things can change from one moment to another: 

You go to bed being a child and you awake having grown up 

You wake up smiling and go to bed sobbing 

You go to bed trusting someone and wake up disappointed 
You wake up frustrated and go to bed thrilled 
You wake up being strong and go to bed feeling helpless 
You go to bed in love and wake up alone 
You wake up with no hopes and go to bed trusting the future 
You go to bed fascinated and awake disconcerted 
You go to bed joyful and wake up in pain 
You wake up hating and go to bed forgiving 

And vice versa. 
Because life is fragile and unpredictable and things can change from one moment to another. Whether if we like it or not

Even when we want to fool ourselves,  we end up learning that this is the only truth we know for sure. No matter if this  sounds paradoxical and contradicts the previous assertion  

This used to scare me very much.  I felt victim of chance. I felt swindled because nothing would last forever, because nothing would be as I expected, because nothing would be constant 

And this continued to happen t
ill I started to understand that maybe this could be an odd blessing which could be meant to create awareness and mindfulness. A gift in disguise that could make feasible to see tragedies coming to an end and suffering giving way to peace 

Till I started to understand that (just like fear does, just like ache does) hope and bliss also come from change

...till I finally understood that all this forms the obverse and reverse of existence


bettyl said...

I think most people don't like change, but it's just a fact of life and nothing to fear. When my mind starts to make me afraid, I'm glad I have God to hold my hand and everything will be OK!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

I understand your words. Beautiful and also realistic. That's life. I have said it in my last card: Time is a Healer. And this is also true.
lovely greet

Maryse said...

Right there with you, dear. I used to be so afraid and stuck in resistance. When navigating the sea of life, all we can do is learn to surf and bathe in the sun. ♥

Cindy Swainson said...

Well said...and you just gotta roll with it.
Lovely photo too!


Cathy H. said...

As you say, everything can change quickly, but in the changes can come a blessing. Thanks for the reminder to quit fighting the changes and to look for the good in them.

A Creative Harbor said...

Beautiful photography and lovely contemplative post ~ Enjoy the week ~ ^_^

Barbara Schwartz said...

Life is all about spirals and going from balance to imbalance. Sometimes I remember this.

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking post, visual peace. Thank you..

Marcie said...

I've grown to love the yin/yang...the hot/cold...the joy/sorrow flip flop of emotions. I think it makes us alive and real. Love how you've said it here.!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful words Zena. I think life works and exists through changes even if we do not like them but probably they are in some way life's gifts and blessings. I like your photographs for composition clearity and vivid colours. They are like healing moments. I hope you are well. Big hugs to you!

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