day 365+33

What if...

I never want to be better, nicer or smarter

I never want to be perfect

I never want to improve myself to please others 

I never want to demonstrate how clever, happy or wise I am 
I never want even a tiny applause 
I never want permission to be who I am 
I never want to prove that I am good enough 
I never want to build myself according to others expectations 
I never want to be that reliable person 
I never want to look for constant achievement 
I never want to explain myself 
I never want to give any other justification 
I never want to be conventional, competent and modest 
I never want to feed drama 
I never want to fulfill others desires 
I never want to need praises from those who are too careless to give them 
I never want to have the feeling that things could be different?

What if I never want to need others approval never, never again?

What if I feel just complete as I am right now? 

What if I feel that things are perfect just as they are right now? 
What if I feel just fine right now?
What if I choose to be fearless right now?

What if I let go my need to change reality and I simply accept it?

What if I stop struggling against the beauty inside and outside me, the clarity that surrounds me, the serenity that is waiting for me around the corner?

I´ve been consciously exploring those possibilities latest week and I feel revived

Oh, friends... why internalize this takes  so long?


Foxglove Lane said...

I love your what if's and I guess the time is now? Any of them could apply to any of us and that is why your list is universal and touches each of us, well done.....

Diane said...

so inspiring...yes, the simplest things are the hardest...thanks for this beautiful moment

Introverted Art said...

Isn't that so hard? To be in peace with the fact we do not want, wish, to excel in everything?

Corinne said...

Beautiful, just what I needed to hear today.

kat said...

Great to visit here, your photographs are just lovely, I can feel myself under those lovely flowers, have a happy and creative week!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful statement Zena. It is hard sometimes to feel this way but I believe it is worth of it. We are powerful through our choices and thoughts more than we realize it. Good luck Zena and I wish you beautiful and happy week. Bug hugs to you. I love your photos. There is so much lightand sun in them. Thank you for sharing

Sarah Huizenga said...

These are very thought provoking questions.

Bohemian said...

Yes, just learning to "Be" and Live fully in the Moment can take a lot of On Purpose Choices and the Embracing and Acceptance of Self and our own Reality. It's a Journey I have been on for quite some Time. The further into the Journey one goes, revealing the Clarity of this Truth, the greater is Contentment.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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