DAY 365+28

my pledge

keep on learning 

try to inspire and feel inspired

spread the light

stay balanced and visible

cultivate serenity

feel steady and creative

preserve healthy boundaries and generosity

enjoy my gifts

look for beauty

let go pain

develop gratitude and kindness

avoid drama 

feel powerful and proud

acknowledge abundance

practice mindfulness

be brave and authentic

expect nothing, appreciate anything

stay true to my own process

pray for clarity

validate myself

believe in miracles

live with intention and joy

accept guidance

aspire to wisdom

demand (and show) respect

play freely

have fun

make pauses

become friend to myself

attract love

share gently

...fly without concern


Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful and very wise. Thank you for sharing and I needed these words today.

Carol L McKenna said...

wonderful goals and particularly like your photography ~

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Absolutely lovely. This one called to me: "expect nothing, appreciate anything".... the way to a happiest life. :~)

I'm so glad CED brought me here to your site today!

bettyl said...

Very admirable. I hope the new year brings you many great things.

Diane said...

this so so beautiful and full of wisdom. thanks for visiting my blog too! nice to see you there.

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