DAY 365+3

the rain

We have been waiting for a storm and a more autumnal weather for weeks and we have had them when less expected. I was yearning for some water and I´ve been complaining about the heat and the dry weather 
since the summer ended. I couldn´t wait for it to come!. I imagined myself safe at home while having a nice cup of tea, but when rain finally arrived I wasn´t that happy

When I woke up and looked through my windows I started to think about all the disadvantages of a rainy day: I´d had wearing my summer shoes till the day before, so I had to look for my boots and my umbrella; then I realized that I had to walk to catch the tram carrying my bag, my laptop and many folders with me; and -to cap it all- I remembered how unpleasant a damp day can be. 
Quickly, my initial joy turned into disappointment and I was only able to see unforeseen difficulties around me 

While I was getting ready to go to work I was grumbling about the weather but suddenly I notice my mind´s crazy chitchat and became aware of its uselessness. It was only rain, for heaven´s sake! Simple, stunning and inevitable rain

But this is the way our mind works; it only takes a moment for it to change our mood and triggers turmoil of negative or contradictory emotions. The main reason why this occurs is because w
hen we want something, it usually starts to create a image of what we are looking for or what is about to happen if we find it. But it doesn´t create a true image, it idealizes it according our needs and forgets reality

This has two consequences: when things happens they are not as it expected, so it rejects them and sometimes it doesn´t even recognize them because they don´t coincide with it expectations and we miss the opportunity.  Either if we meet the embodiment of our wishes and we are reluctant to accept it or if we fail to notice we have a problem... because we will keep in the search and always dissatisfied 

If we want to solve this, we can do two things: 

 We can try to expect nothing. This doesn´t mean giving up our goals, it means to start from the premise that life will unfold freely no matter our plans and we should be flexible in order to achieve them

We can try to appreciate everything. Once again this doesn´t mean having no preferences, it means to walk with the eyes wide open because this will allow us to develop our ambitions without renouncing what life offers us.

Both of them are deeply linked to acceptance and its mains lesson: we should take pleasure in life gifts (whatever they are) come rain or shine

When my mind´s chatter became evident to me, my mood turned out improved. I let my hairdryer aside, I opened the window and took some shoots to pay tribute to the beauty of the morning

Back from work, the rain had stopped and I appreciated the little treasures that it had left behind it 

... And I gave thanks not only for the so needed water, but also for my ability for acknowledging my inner dynamics and keep walking towards serenity 

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