DAY 344

the compassionate path 

The rescuer role creates the need of drama in order to reaffirm oneself once and again. If one doesn´t handle it with care, one becomes a martyr and starts an infernal cycle, because every martyr will find always new victims who need to be saved and through this process, victims turn into abusers, indeed some of them are true abusers in disguise

When rescuers feel that they are becoming a martyr they have to correct the situation and think along different lines, because help and love can be given without suffering and extreme self-sacrifice. Often this takes time, but works

However, when a rescuer meets an abuser, that´s another matter. They fight a bloody battle

If you are lucky enough and you can triumph over that situation and recover your own vision, you will need tons of goodwill to overcome the after-effects, because they will demand you forgiveness, improve your personal competences, let go pain, connect with your inner wisdom and much more. But regardless all this, if you have been able to break free from that kind of relationship, sooner or later you will enjoy life and develop positive aims

At the very beginning, it might look impossible, there so much to deal with, so many undesirable consequences and effects... but if you persevere, if you trust you inner voice, are patient and treat you well and lovingly, one day you will discover you are ready to move on

I know it well, I´ve been there, and now my path is sweeter and more beautiful than ever

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