DAY 319

I am longing for a simple life

with a little garden with aromatic herbs,

homemade cinnamon rolls and

bunches of lavender hanged from the kitchen´s ceiling

A well-tended orchard,

marmalade jars lined up in a dark larder and

the roses rustle in the gentle breeze of the morning

Unpaired cups and shabby furniture,

old books on the chairs,

a woolen shawl to keep my back warm and

 sleepy cats on a striped cushion

Lovely napkins and

little bouquets of wild flowers

I am longing for a simple, quiet and industrious life

with time to bury my hands in the earth,

time to pray and time to work

Time to contemplate undulating fields around the house,

time to cultivate silence and be helpful

Time to move gently through my days

time to write letters and spread the joy

Time to unfold my spirit without being in a hurry

time to make meaningful pauses and  seeing the grass growing

I am not having that kind of existence for the time being, but I can see glimpses of it here and there regardless my current style of life.  I am recreating its essence with the materials I have right now, right here.  And through that recreation I am discovering that the life I am longing for is not a static vignette of a perfect life that must be imitated, it´s rather a state of mind that must be acknowledged

Nevertheless, I am sure this mood will attract what is missing, don´t you think so?


La Dolce Vita said...

Yes, I agree. Sometimes, visualization or visualizing about that kind of a life takes us one step closer to creating that life, and I also feel good by reveling in that kind of a mood.

Anonymous said...

I agree too. you're right it's rather a state of mind. paradise is inside us. I know, I've been there. hell too. I also been there. because of it I don't trust myself as I used to, but I remember I had paradise in the little things and I grow stronger.

sweet dreams my friend. xxo

Introverted Art said...

zena you are so right, but like you i also aim for a simpler life... sweet dreams

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