DAY 253

this is the way that flowers make us feel

While I was attending a course past weekend, someone mentioned the power of fresh flowers in order to heal the energy of spaces and create a better atmosphere. I read a few books about space cleaning the last time I moved in, but I hadn´t linked this to my recent visits to my mother 

In fact, when I´ve visited my mom lately, I´ve always bought fresh flowers and I´ve felt the urgent need to laugh, sing (and believe me, I am not a good singer) dance and be creative... so when I heard the comment about flowers and space cleaning, I saw it clear. I was making an effort to change the mood at my mom´s house and to  provide it with new, fresh, energy, that could help us to be more cheerful. Of course, my mother loves flowers and I also wanted to please her, but now I know that I was also trying to instill courage, love and hope in the house

 Unconsciously, I was trying to disperse sadness and the sense of powerlessness which are present in the house, maybe because my mother is feeling this way frequently: she and my brother (who is taking care of her, regardless his own disability) spend much time alone, so even when they have help with home tasks and family visits -which improves the situation a lot- the emotional energy is not shaken as deeply as is required and they are not strong enough to do it by themselves

So this time, I am doing it consciously. I am working with the energy around the house, rather than with their mood and I can see how this is impacting positively on their state of mind and making a great difference in their lives

Maybe effects won´t be very lasting, but seeing my mother smiling again, my brother enjoying his daily life and the clarity surrounding them, make me feel that it is worth trying it

here: part of the flower arrangement I've made this week

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Jeanne said...

So worth the sometimes significant energy that it takes to lift up those that we love in their own daily lives.

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