DAY 233

embrace aloneness

No matter if it´s wished or imposed, 

if you think it´s terrible or awe inspiring

No matter if it frightens you or you feel that it´s a pleasure you can´t afford

Look for moments alone with yourself and appreciate those that emerge unexpectedly because this will help you to develop your most contemplative side and, by doing this,  you will make room for ecstasy and awe for the miracle of being

Indeed, when we really become a friend with our solitude we can  get in touch with our old, wise soul and  find our spiritual vision whom allows us to  recognize the reason why we (as individuals) are here, now.... the inner logic of this precise and unrepeatable existence

wordless wednesday: petal

1 comment:

cococita said...

These moments are so important: I can relate. Really like the way you translated this need/feeling into an image: lovely photography! Thank you for sharing!

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