DAY 202

just one

I have learnt to love simplicity and to appreciate it. There is a temptation to overload our lives with to many stimulus and to think that having the double of something good should be even better... but it is not true and often this ends up ruining all the fun, the pleasure, and the joy

We don´t need to have more, experience more, achieve more or to go for more and more every single day of our life. This is an option, and we can be free of the burden of too much possessions and obligations. In fact, we can become conscious of what we genuinely need and we can embrace a simplified life

Having overwhelming quantities of everything won´t make us happier. This doesn´t mean we can´t truly cherish something, but we must identify the real treasures in our lives and let them tell a story

On the other hand, having a life full of irrelevant social engagement and trivial activities, won´t do it, either. But this is not about having a secluded life, it´s about having a meaningful one; we can recognize what is really important in our life by determining what nurtures us

Even when sounds like a cliché, there are moments where less is more. Those are moments where we allow ourselves to make room for clarity and awe, which are some of the underlying basis of a fulfilled life


Sandra said...

Simplicity takes us out of the complexity of the life we often create for ourselves!

Zhen_77 said...

"Not richer who has more, but who needs the least"

Agustín de Hipona.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Very much my thoughts as well.....

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