DAY 196

willing to persist

Back home. My mood is not that good and I haven´t had a single minute to take a photo. Work is hard these days: my classes will end in two weeks so I have to finish off my program and check that my students are ready to take their examinations. I spend the hours when the light is better in my office and I am too tired early in the morning or late in the evening even to go for a walk

Browsing through my files I´ve found this photo that was taken the day before I went to my mom´s house. It was just the photo I needed to see. I like its composition but mainly I appreciate its content

This photo talks about the simple things I love, and also

about nourishment, nature and its secrets

about tradition and family, garlic and onions are basic ingredients to make our recipes

about the way I want to perceive this world and my intention of looking for beauty around me

about acceptance in the widest sense of the word, because when I look at this photo I see how things evolve, I see cycles and also my attitude towards food, that can be summarized using two words: naturalness and disorganization, something that I´ve gotten to admit

and mainly about life itself which keeps on reemerging no matter our behavior or mood, which is strong, wise, decisive, keen and really amazing

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