DAY 183


I am responsible every course for a group of assigned students who are developing what we call external practices. This means they are testing their abilities in a real context. This is one of the most rewarding tasks that I must deal with along the academic year: generally speaking they are very motivated students and the role I have to play allows me to transcend specific knowledge and working from a more integrative perspective

Along the years I´ve been focusing more and more on translating my own experiences to a comprehensive language in order to give useful guidelines that can help them to make the most of their practices. The experiences I have in mind when I meet them are of course, professional experiences but also, life experiences and lately, things related to my personal journey

So I tell them things similar to those which I write here about expectations, acceptance, mindfulness and mainly about the importance of self-knowledge and self-consciousness when they need to make decisions or have to solve conflicts

I also use this phrase quite often: there are not "junk events", nor useless experiences. I want them to understand that nothing is trivial when we are working and also, that everything that happens to us is helping us to grow up and evolve, even those that we discarded because seem to be little relevant or harmful

That phrase has started to be a sort of motto when I work with these students, because it encapsulates a basic belief that underlies a important part of my teachings. To my great surprise, I have discovered that most of them understand and like the idea and I have realized that those who take it into account and have a mood accordingly, usually have better academic results

Coincidence? I don´t think so

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