DAY 181

my path is paved with flowers

This are strange times: the financial scenario is more chaotic every passing day, many people is losing a basic stability that we were giving for granted only a couple of years ago. The situation of the developed countries are changing too fast and not always in a better direction and the state of welfare starts to be questioned... not to talk about the developing countries: most of them are going through complex times of intense difficulty or danger, where revolutions, wars and of course, famine are ravaging societies. This is happening in a moment when the most impoverished can´t count on the richer ones, as the international aid is suffering serious reductions too 

The scene is distressing and the outlook -from a political point of view- is not promising at all. Old paradigms seem to be tottering and I am not clear what is coming but what I know for sure is we´re going to something new that probably will change the way we live and the way we look at the world. As far as I can see, this is not a temporary crisis, is something that is shaking the roots of our system

I am part of a generation that has to deal and manage this situation. As a person with a very precise and high training, specializing in planning, education and development, maybe I should outline some theories heavily significant, but to be honest, I am not sure that I could give an answer taking this knowledge as starting point

In this times where reality is changing madly, I truly believe that the best thing we can do is empowering our inner resources.

In my case, I am using the same strategy I´ve been using to heal my life:

I try to focus on the things which are on my power, and develop a mindful attitude

I try to develop my creativity and my strategic thinking

I try to empower others and myself too; I try to practice what I preach: kindness, compassion and gratitude and improve my strength, patience and decision making

I try to make little things with much attention and to walk gently

I try to accept what it is and to be constructive and proactive, not passive or reactive

I try to look for new opportunities, be helpful and keep a positive mind

And, last but not least, I try to appreciate little gifts and discover miracles everywhere

Of course, I know this can become more and more difficult as the crisis become harder, and more and more areas of my life start to be affected... but I rely on my resilience

As long as I can find little treasures along my way when I bend my head, I know I will survive

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