DAY 157


As far as I am concerned, every moment previous to this one depends on the present one, in the same way that the present moment exists thanks to those which have happened before

All the persons depend on the preexisting context, in the same way that our world as we know it, is the outcome of the existence of every single human being who has lived here

My story and culture determine my responses and attitudes, in the same way that my behaviors make them evolve and change

The outlines of my life are directly related to my inner scape, in the same way that it turns out to be more rich as result of my daily experiences

Past, present and future; context and actors; community and individual; nature and society; education and genetic; soul issues and everyday issues; universe and ordinary daily life; persons and any other living beings; young people and old people; outside and inside... are indeed, interdependent, this means: each of them shows a mutual dependence on the other

We live in a system which is a whole, indeed we live in a network of systems each of one involves a set of elements working together in a interconnected way

We may think that our existence has nothing to do with the world around us and vice versa, but this is not totally true. We influence on it and it influences on us, as we are one of those elements

The sooner we begging to accept it, the sooner we´ll understand the currents that underlie our life and the sooner we´ll learn to sail through them

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I like this. I was just discussing with my second grade students, the impact that they have on the world, even if they think they are just one little person, too small to really make a difference... Everyone matters!

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