DAY 119

piled up

I am planning a photo at home, I open a cupboard, I am looking for a plate because I am preparing myself a midmorning snack while I am thinking how to take it. On the top of the shelf there are lots of unmatched bowls

Some are recent finds, some are quite old... I love their soft and useful concavity, so I can´t resist a new one

There are so many facts about myself contained within this pile of bowls: 

I adore mixing and matching

I keep things because they bring back sweet memories to me

I like to eat little portions of many things

I don´t believe that old and even worn-out objects are necessarily ugly

I think beauty doesn´t involve (but doesn´t exclude, either) the exclusiveness of a trade mark or a design

I love things due to their form, colors, textures and usefulness regardless age, authorship or price

I am fond of symbolic meanings of the objects that are around me

Needless to say, I ate my snack and stopped planning: sometimes the nicest capture turns up when you less expect it 


sarala said...

The pinks and whites are most attractive. One can do worse than to take photos around the house of ordinary objects.

Gwen said...

These are very pretty. What a wonderful sight to see in your cupboard.
I have just become a follower!

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