DAY 95

angles and curves

lines and figures

patterns and irregularity

rules and improvisation

coherence and contradictions

simplicity and exuberance

complementarity and contrast

order and chaos

delicacy and rawness

evolution and regression

light and obscurity  

tradition and innovation

conventionality and creativity

good and evil

contemplation and frantic activity

day and night

serenity and anger

death and born 

That´s what´s life seems to be.  And I am in the middle of this endless list of bipolarities, wandering around, going from one word to another... trying to form a fabric by interlacing certain concepts with others, weaving in and out of them...  going down the holes in order to understand that real experience of life occurs between two threads:  when I forget to take sides and I slide softly into the happy medium

1 comment:

georgia b. said...

ahh, yes... the happy medium. this reminds me of the article i linked to in one of my recent posts...
about embracing tension {or opposites} in our lives and art.

i love the contrast of these two widows side by side. very nice.

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