DAY 92

particular versus general 

When we look for better ways to understand and know ourselves, we tend to focus on some specific aspects of our lives or our person that we think that must be improved

Quite often, this doesn´t respond to a precise diagnosis, and we follow external advices that can make us to run the risk of keeping a lack of stability, if those advices start from the premise that there is some parts of our lives -or our person- that are more important than other

In fact, all of us have preferences and also prejudices, not always conscious, that make those aspects take priority over a global vision that -in my opinion- is essential. This means that we are going to prefer to work on some levels or sides that perhaps are not the most important to us.... maybe because it´s easier to gain access to them, maybe because we are good at them or simply, because there is a craze for them in our context... but this can cause a a biased practice that will generate new imbalances

The best starting point is strengthening our ability to be steadfast with ourselves because this will help us to develop a loyalty to our experience and  that is the best way to recognize our true needs in order to heal

Here -as usual- following our inner voice can make the difference. So, if we have the feeling that we need to take a new step toward a sane way of life we must find nonaggressive approaches to being here, that will permit us to face up the challenges that this involves but without losing sight of the inner complexity of the whole scenario

Learning to stay is complicated, it demands great doses of patience and persistence. Of course, this will be much more easy if we develop a consistent inner work based on awareness where meditation can be a basic mainstay

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