DAY 57

unstuck, but not aloof

I chose joy as the word I would like to be my reference point this month because I consider December a joyful month. But, I don´t know exactly why, my Christmas spirit is a bit downhearted this year... of course, the fact that I am overly busy with work and overly concerned by many things don´t help but I feel that is not only the lack of time. I think I´m reaching a turning point with regard to Christmas. This means that I´m ready to move toward a new, and hopefully more sensible, stage

As I have reached other turning points regard to other issues, I know that this always starts with a sense of rift between me and my feelings of attachment and a sudden need of giving a new approach to the subject

Today I awoke thinking of all the simple things that I love of this season (and not only about all the obligations and expectations it involves and are so hard to fulfill, sometimes), here are them:

the pleasant smell of spices, December means to me cinnamon, clove, vanilla, nutmeg...

the dry flavor of this season fruits: quinces, pomegranates, guavas...

scented candles which burn peacefully around the house 

the sweet sound of the most sentimental music ever, the carols

childish voices saying, Happy Christmas!

A nativity scene featured with love, where the little lambs look so tender

Red poinsettias, so common and so charming

the happy colors of Christmas decorations, wrapping papers, ribbons and bows  

Greeting cards which work as dream catchers that outline a better future

… My sweet heart so easy to please which only needs some of those things to dance and sing

here: a cut quince that I used to make jelly

1 comment:

Susan said...

Jelly, yes...jelly. Exquisite. Merry Christmas!

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