DAY 54

healing´s basis
When we think of healing either physical or psychological, we often imagine predetermined solutions rather than arduous exercises and personal routines, but healing (in the widest sense of the word) is a complex process that takes not only an important amount of time, but also efforts and dedication 

According to my experience, an  authentic healing process entails changing our mind´s frames and also, being aware of our emotions: our discomfort usually comes from an internal unease which has to do with the way we are approaching our lives, this  means that any sort  of disease (and the way it evolves) is partly related to our past and present experiences and the way we live

That´s why when we start a spiritual practice or we develop a regular inner work focusing on self-knowledge and on the cultivation of alternative thoughts and values, like gratitude, devotion, authenticity, faith, acceptance, simplicity and so on... suddenly we start to feel better (even we experience a speedy recovering from our ills) and discover  that we have new competences to deal with them 

Maybe because when we are in good terms with ourselves, things look (and turn out to be) easier to lead... we feel healed

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