DAY 50

the outcome of inner work: the need of visibility

When I let go old fears,

I made room for forgiveness,

I moved forward through my story,

I started to heal my past,

I clarified the reason why I am here,

I made my first attempts to rebuilt my self-concept,

I made an effort to honor the present moment,

I developed a daily practice,

I learn how to ask for guidance,

I started to experience some peace,

and felt the first glimpses of pure joy…

I suddenly realized that the biggest challenge was ahead. Today I fully understand that if I want to keep on moving and make the most of the previous changes, I  need to do the following:

I ought to allow my inner light shines free,

I must accept my gifts and be the person I really am

I have to be candidly visible...  indoors, outdoors, everywhere... 

and I have to expose myself openly to the world´s gaze

As simple -as complicated- as that. At the very beginning I was tempted to live this new stage as a testing time,  but I have discovered that it is just a blessing in disguise

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