DAY 38

noticing joy as an awakening method

I´m so interested in the process through which we become the persons we are, about the way we construct our identities. We are the outcome of our experiences and learning but also of how these things interact with our inner self and a complex heredity that are previous

Being conscious of all that, helps us to keep things in perspective. It makes us understand much better ourselves and the role we play in this life and involves a sort of awakening (or many) to the reality of this existence´s nature

We may think this awakening demands a hard work and indeed, going into the different layers that shape our character and personality in depth is not easy but there are many ways to do it:

we can follow in a master´s steps, there are many around us

we can trust our intuition and follow our inner guidance

we can lean on our friends and beloved ones if they are trying to do a similar work

we can look for professional support and advice if we think we need it

we can opt for being an autodidact and build up our own learning path

... and, last but not least, we can do all the previous things at the same time. This has been my "method" and it has worked quite well. Nowadays I understand much better why I´m here and how I´ve turned into the person I am and what is more important, I´m aware of the person I really am, and the person I want to be

However, if I had to give any recipe to achieve a better knowledge of our true essence I would give this one:

pay attention to the things that make you feel connected, inspired, passionate, alive... you will recognize them because they are unequivocally linked to joy

here: me and my camera, which has helped me so much when it comes  to get in touch with joy


deb did it said...

Good advice...it is actually how I have finally come to experience complete joy in my own life. I am so present in my life, making a living doing what I love...cooking, sewing and photography!! ~I followed my bliss~ and by the way...you have beautiful eyes!

Colette said...

Beautiful message. Joy the inner being. That's why I love working with young children. It's easier to access my inner joy.

laitae said...

I'd like to know you in real life! :)

JuxtaposeJane said...

Hello...nice to see you and the camera taht you use with such skill!

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