DAY 34

the essence of confidence

I´ve been thinking about boundaries -once again- because I´ve been observing how the new kitty and the resident cat are becoming friends and how they are learning to respect each other and to share the house... and the bed

I reflected on the great importance of setting inner boundaries here, but this two little kitties have made me think about the way we can make others know our stance on something

They have been moving around passivity and aggression, between domination and submission, till they have found a healthy middle way that best respects boundaries of both of them. And the key of this evolution has been communication. At the very beginning they didn´t understand each one codes, so the relationship was conflictive, but once they have understood each other, drama and stress have been reduced

The core of this communication is that both kitties have learnt to say a polite (or almost polite) NO, to the another, showing an awesome tough attitude. They don´t only know what they want, they know how to say it and how to make their body and their voice act accordingly. And, step by step, they have found a way for they both get their needs met...

They have remind me the importance of inner and outer confidence. It´s not only that we have to acknowledge our place in this world, we have to let other persons know it. So much so that I am planning to make my own absolute NO list.

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