DAY 11

 my story

has given me roots but also wings

roots that are linked to my identity and wings that have grown because I needed to fly and let the past go
roots made of love and memories deeply interweaved and wings made of light and learnings
roots that have made me more aware of the meaning of life and wings that have made me awake to my own purpose

I truly believe that most of what we are comes from our story, but we won´t gain access to our gifts and talents till the moment we trascend it...

Indeed, we are much more that what our story dictates (no matter how nice or awful can it be) but we won´t discover our own nature, wishes, dreams and possibilities, if we don´t accept this simple fact.

I honor my story, but I also honor my uniqueness

here: mother, father, brothers, sister (I hadn´t even born )
and frangipani flowers

1 comment:

Aceves Charles said...

Beatiful Photos and beatiful messages written on them!! thanks for this soft and sweet images from a very charming world :)

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